Xiamen International Bank Tower


  • 600,000 SF
  • Location: Xiamen, China
  • Client: SK Development Co.

Project Information

The 34-story tower with a floor area of approximately 600,000 SF is a mixed-use project with separate entrances for banking, retail, and office space as well as three underground parking levels.  The goal of the project was to provide Xiamen International Bank with a fully automated building that would work within the context of the city’s expanded enhancement project while becoming a dynamic part of the waterfront.  This design for one of China’s most progressive banks was conceived in response to the urban waterfront conditions of the site.  This very constricted site; it is located along the famous Zhang Shou Road, a commercial and retail district in Xiamen.  The sculptural simplicity of the composition is both figural and abstract and gains strength from the contrast with its visually chaotic      surroundings. The combination of the office and commercial functions are expressed as a vibrant series of curved walls and volumes that spins off a central cylindrical mass.  The circular forms of the tower capture and maximize the view overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  This project has been well received by the community.  As a private enterprise, the project embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of modern China.