Mayland Lake Resort


  • 65,000 Square Meters
  • Location: Guangzhou, China

Project Information

The Mayland Grand Hotel at Mayland International Community is located in Qingyuan, about 100 kilometers south of Guangzhou, China. The project’s building area is approximately 65,000 square meters and includes a resort hotel, conference center, banquet and dining facilities, a spa, gymnasium and other recreational facilities and the main golf club. The site is easily accessed by a major highway that connects to the international airport and the city core of Guangzhou. Set in the countryside, the resort becomes an exclusive enclave, away from the bustling urban life. The Hotel sits atop a hill with a 360 degree view overlooking the golf course, residential villas and large lake. The buildings are arranged in organic planning style, as if they were designed over time to emulate a village environment. It is surrounded by a rich natural environment of rolling hills of emerald green and clear blue skies above. The project is inspired by the Mediterranean style of Southern California. The architecture and warm earthy color palette captures the Southern California lifestyle and evokes a sense privacy with its peaceful environment.