JWDA Earns Coveted Gold Nugget Honors


03-exterior5JWDA received the Gold Nugget Grand Award for the Hyatt Regency Hotel, the highest honor awarded for an International Commercial and Special Use project. Chosen from the elite pool of Merit Award winners, Grand Awards were announce on June 26 as a feature highlight of PCBC, the nation’s largest regional conference and trade show for the real estate development field.

The Hyatt Regency Hotel, located in the Dongtan Wetlands of Chongming Island in Shanghai, is the first Hyatt Eco-Resort hotel in China.  The design for the destination hotel organically integrates traditional Eastern garden spaces and dispersed elements of holiday resort to create a localized “Modern-Chinese” architectural style.  The structure is based on a series of courtyards interwoven with the surrounding landscape – offering breathtaking views of the Dongtan Wetlands.  The project celebrates a symbiosis between Eastern and Western cultures, reflecting the classic Jiangnan architectural style popular to the region – characterized by white walls, grey tiles, and bridges – while providing elegant western amenities for guests.

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Hyatt Regency Hotel / JWDA