Joseph Wong Honored by San Diego Chinese Historical Museum


Our Founder & President, Joseph O. Wong, FAIA was recently honored by the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum (SDCHM) for his career and lifelong commitments to the museum and greater San Diego community.

The SDCHM serves as a cultural and community center for the city of San Diego.  Early in his career, Joseph Wong led the JWDA team to transplant and restore a 1927 mission building into this cherished historical icon and renewed destination.   The project received many design awards including the 1997 AIA Citation Award, 1997 Save Our Heritage Organization (SOHO) Award, and 1996 Orchid Award for its historical preservation.

In his acceptance speech, Joe acknowledges his passion for projects that strengthen our environments and inspire social connections and community engagement.

“Social projects matter as they create a better and healthier place for current and future generations… I’ve had a wonderful journey, yet there is still much to do.”

We are so proud of you Joe!